Forklift Solutions

Variety of Range

Used Forklift Unit


WE strongly believe in timely delivery and consistently providing solution to meet needs of our customers. We are confident, that with our product knowledge and skilled man power resources, we are able to advise and offer the right type of equipment for your enterprise.

Rental Forklift Unit


Wide range of forklift to be rented with your solution package.
Our rentals service currently covers Peninsular Malaysia, Branches located in strategic locations to maximize our service coverage and achieve less downtime.

Lorry Crane Service

We provides industrial transport services around peninsular Malaysia.

We understand the importance and how necessary reliable, accountable fulfilment and distribution services are to your business.

We are Proud that our drivers are experienced in handling various types of goods, and we ensure that each delivery is made on time, with the goods well taken care of.

Focus on your core competencies,
While we take care on your Material Handing Solution